As Ohio’s leader in design-build natural channel design restoration, Oxbow has been fortunate to participate in more than 220 projects restoring over 45 miles of Ohio’s streams. Our integrated experience provides our clients with the best, most restorable solutions to stream and wetland projects. Our design solutions are influenced by bio-criteria and bio-assessment as described in Ohio’s Water Quality Standards.

  • Oxbow was first in Ohio to develop a comprehensive holistic approach to stream and wetland restoration;
  • Oxbow was first to develop random meander pattern designs at the request of USACOE in 2002 and further developed that using reference reaches;
  • Oxbow was first to holistically incorporate habitat into designs including vernal pools, bat, snake, avian, interstitial microbiology and of course fishery;
  • Oxbow was first to develop interstitial flow management techniques to enhance floodplain function included subsurface zone substrates;
  • Oxbow was first to describe and use soil compaction techniques and equipment to maximum riparian vegetation growth;
  • Oxbow was first to utilize bio-degradable fluids in our equipment during restoration and further develop that requirement in our construction specifications;
  • Oxbow was first to incorporate Ohio bio-criteria and bio-assessment science into designs and restoration predictions;
  • Oxbow was first to provide holistic training in Ohio on stream dynamics and habitat design tools (SERTS 2004); and
  • Oxbow was first to design and build compensatory mitigation for holistic watershed improvement.

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Meet Our Team

Steve Phillips manages the construction side of Oxbow River & Stream Restoration. He will provide design review and insight on constructability as well as a full host of construction abilities. Mr. Phillips is a Certified Professional in Sediment and Erosion Control (CPESC) and is currently the President of Oxbow. Mr. Phillips is one of the leading practitioners of stream restoration in Ohio. He has more than 40 years’ experience in all phases of restoration, including project assessment, design and implementation.

Besides leading the construction side of the company, Mr. Phillips has contributed to the development of stream protection and permitting guidelines for regulatory agencies and has provided many workshops and short-courses on stream design in Ohio. He has organized and coordinated interactive educational forums, conferences, training sessions and field days for universities, local watershed groups and county governments.

Nancy Seger manages the design side of Oxbow River & Stream Restoration. She manages client and regulatory coordination, project assessment, design and construction engineering oversight as required for restoration projects. Ms. Seger is a registered Professional Engineer in the State of Ohio and the Commonwealth of Kentucky. She has extensive experience in plan development, plan review, project management, permitting, design, and construction oversight during her 22-year career. She has been involved in many large-scale projects as well as many watershed scale projects funded through the various state and federal grant programs that has required extensive coordination between multiple regulatory agencies and partners. She has managed the development of three successful compensatory mitigation plans for ODOT.

Ms. Seger has provided both design oversight and construction management for over 180 projects worth more than $40 million dollars in 47 Ohio counties. This has included a wide range of passive and active restoration projects that have protected and improved both biological and chemical water quality.

Learn more about our methods when you contact our team. We clean and restore streams until the ecosystem is as it should be.